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1. Editorial Article
2. Ryder Cup - Final Results
3. "Off the Cart Path" - weekly cartoon strip by Roy Doty


Editor's Weekly Word

Being an Englishman, living in Spain and writing about golf for a predominantly American readership, I decided to leave writing my Ryder Cup report until the euphoria had worn off a bit. I'm sure you watched the matches yourself and know what happened, so I shall not go into the details once again. Instead, I'd like to just share a few of my thoughts before we put the Ryder Cup into the background for another year or so before the build up to 2006.

European Team 18˝ - USA Players 9˝

It was no great surprise to see Europe take the lead on Friday, nor indeed when they extended it on Saturday. Indeed, it is almost expected that the Europeans will take the initiative in the fourballs and foursomes on the first two days of the Ryder Cup matches. The margin was greater this time but, with memories of Brookline and the Sunday singles turnaround, anything was still possible. Looking at the pairings for Sunday and knowing that three points was all that was required for Europe to retain the Cup, I could not find three matches where I could honestly write off the USA player and say "that's a definite point for Europe". On any other day, every single one of them was capable of beating the player they were drawn against. As it turned out, only four USA players won their matches and one more managed to halve his. So what went wrong.

In my mind, it wasn't the Americans' fault. The problem was the extra club in every European bag, the "spirit" iron. Team spirit, fighting spirit, call it what you will, it was the deciding factor on the day. I have racked my brain to think of another example of when individuals from England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and France have come together, led by a German, and done anything with such determination in the name of Europe. There isn't one. In my experience, there is no unity between the nations of Europe, only rivalry and resentment that they have been forced to form an uncomfortable union, purely for economic purposes. These men were playing, not for the pride of Europe, but for the pride of the PGA European Tour against the "big boys" across the water. And they won, despite the fact that, on paper, they should not have had a chance, especially on American soil.

Nobody would dispute the level of patriotism of the Americans, all Americans. But this was not a battle where only national pride was at stake. Every week, the players on the USA team fight it out on the PGA Tour against the best players, not just from America, but from every country in the world, including the best Europeans. To get on the USA team, they have to accumulate points which are only awarded for finishing in the top ten. After their performance last week, the USA team will surely fly to Ireland in two years time as the underdogs but if they can bring with them a determination to win the Ryder Cup for the pride of the PGA Tour as well as their country, then watch out Europe, you'll have a real fight on your hands.

The full results of all three days matches are printed below.

That's all for now. Have a great week,


Andy Smith


35th Ryder Cup Matches
Oakland Hills Country Club, Michigan - 17-19 September 2004

Friday morning Fourballs (better ball)

USA Europe
Mickelson/Woods v Montgomerie/Harrington 2&1
Love/Campbell v Clarke/Jimenez 5&4
halved Riley/Cink v McGinley/Donald halved
Toms/Furyk v Garcia/Westwood 5&3

Friday afternoon Foursomes (alternate shot)

USA Europe
3&2 DiMarco/Haas v Jiménez/Levet
Love/Funk v Montgomerie/Harrington 4&2
Mickelson/Woods v Clarke/Westwood 1 up
Perry/Cink v Garcia/Donald 2&1

Saturday morning Fourballs (better ball)

USA Europe
halved DiMarco/Haas v Garcia/Westwood halved
4&3 Woods/Riley v Clarke/Poulter
Furyk/Campbell v Casey/Howell 1 up
3&2 Cink/Love v Montgomerie/Harrington

Saturday afternoon Foursomes (alternate shot)

USA Europe
DiMarco/Haas v Clarke/Westwood 5&4
4&3 Mickelson/Toms v Jiménez/Levet
Funk/Furyk v Garcia/Donald 1 up
Woods/Love v Harrington/McGinley 4&3

Sunday Singles

USA Europe
3&2 Woods v Casey
Mickelson v Garcia 3&2
halved Love v Clarke halved
6&4 Furyk v Howell
Perry v Westwood 1 up
Toms v Montgomerie 1 up
5&3 Campbell v Donald
1 up DiMarco v Jiménez
Funk v Levet 1 up
Riley v Poulter 3&2
Haas v Harrington 1 up
Cink v McGinley 3&2

Final Score

USA 9˝ - Europe 18˝


"Off the Cart Path" - weekly cartoon strip by Roy Doty

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