In Upcoming Issues

There are a few special features that don't appear every week, which you will see in future (and past) issues of Golfing Weekly.

Product Reviews - we currently have several products under review by our team which is lead by PGA Professional, Mark Pursey.

Golfing Destinations - during the winter we featured the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Caribbean. If you are planning a golfing holiday, contact us to find out about becoming a guest reviewer.

Golf Course Reviews - we publish reviews of courses by staff writers, freelance writers and from information provided by our readers.

Prize Competitions - this will soon become a regular feature. Look out for competition details in your weekly newsletter.

Special Offers - we are negotiating with various manufacturers and suppliers in order to be able to offer our readers UNBEATABLE EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on a wide range of golf-related products. Watch your mailbox for details.



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