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Continuing our series on the Caribbean, this week we feature the island of Aruba.

Aruba - Dutch Caribbean

Aruba is a Dutch colony located in the south Caribbean Sea, only 15 miles north of Venezuela. It is 19.6 miles long and only six miles across at its widest point. The island’s southern coast is populated with white beaches and blue seas, and also home to the capital city, Oranjestad. Conversely, the northern coast is best known for his rugged and wild characteristics, bordering up to the Atlantic Ocean.

The average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit and average annual rainfall is only about 20 inches. Aruba is located outside the hurricane belt.

Aruba is a Dutch colony, thus the official language is Dutch. However, English, Spanish and Papiamento are also spoken fluently throughout the region. The official currency is the Aruban florin, which can be obtained via exchange or from local ATMs.

Besides golf, the most popular outdoor activities include deep sea fishing, cycle tours, horseback riding and the usual assortment of water sports. And for the very occasionally rainy day, there are several historical and archaeological museums. By night, there are a multitude of clubs and restaurants that have live music throughout the week, several sunset cruises and a few casinos. Also, many enjoy a midnight dip in the warm Atlantic Ocean.

Aruba is about a two and a half hour plane ride from Miami International Airport, and American Airlines makes that flight twice daily. But it is not the only departure point around the United States. There are scheduled flights from New York, Atlanta, San Juan and Washington D.C. and several regular charter flights from other major cities making it easily accessible for connecting flights from anywhere in the world

Since the island of Aruba is so small, renting a car is not a necessity, especially given the abundance of taxis and easily accessibly bus system. Renting a scooter or motorcycle is another popular option. But if you are going to explore the entire island, renting a 4-wheel drive jeep is the best way to go, as it will allow you to explore the rugged terrain on the northern coast.

Abuba is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone (GMT -4), one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


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