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Mel Sole has 30 years experience teaching golf and is co-founder of Ritson-Sole Golf Schools, USA



Course Review

In future issues we will be publishing reviews of golf courses all over the world. Unfortunately, with all the work involved in putting the magazine together, we can't go trotting off round the world every week to play on new and interesting courses. So we need your help and we're willing to pay for it.

If you are planning a trip to play golf on a course you haven't played before, we will pay your green fees for one round if you will fill in a simple course review sheet for us and take a few photos. Let us know in advance so we can tell you exactly what we need. You don't have to be a journalist or even a good writer, we'll write an article based on the information you provide. Don't forget, a course which is only 50 miles from where you live is on the other side of the world to some of our readers, so get in touch and have a round of golf on us.

e-mail: course-review@golfing-weekly.com

Please don't request to review your home course or a course where you have played several times recently. The reason for this is that, your familiarity with the course, club house, etc. may cause you to overlook things which would be of interest to other readers. We like our reviews to be from a fresh perspective, the same as our readers would encounter should they decide to visit a course which has been reviewed. Thanks.



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