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Hello my golfing friends,

Welcome to all you new readers and thanks again to everyone who is spreading the word about Golfing Weekly.

You may recall that last week I speculated that maybe "this week's matchplay format may just give him [Tiger Woods] the focus he needs". Any of you that watched the WGC tournament last week, as I did, will have seen the old Tiger in action from the first round right through to the final. His career record shows outstanding performance in head-to-head matches and it was clear from his interview after his victory that he thrives on this type of intense competition. Despite recent speculation to the contrary, I do not believe his dominant position in the world of golf is likely to be seriously threatened for quite some time to come.

The other golfing #1, Ladies champion, Annika Sorenstam didn't appear to show any signs of rust on her return after a two month break. A couple of 65s at the weekend to win on her debut 2004 outing was enough to show her intentions for the rest of the year. The LPGA Tour proper doesn't kick off till March 11th but it was nice to see her warming up with some style.

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